[at the University Botanic Garden]

I am a postdoctoral fellow in Mate Lengyel's group, within the Computational and Biological Learning Lab (CBL) at Cambridge University, UK. Previously, I was a PhD student in Wulfram Gerstner's lab (LCN) at EPFL (Switzerland).

I am currently funded by a 3-year fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Research interests

I'm a theoretical neuroscientist, generally interested in understanding how neurons work together to produce behaviour. I use methods from stochastic dynamical systems and control theory, together with statistical / machine learning approaches, to build and analyse model brain networks that learn to solve computational tasks.

My research highlights the role of the excitation/inhibition balance observed in the cortex, which we have recently suggested could be much tighter than previously thought, giving rise to interesting transient dynamics with potential functional roles -- see Publications.

I also maintain an active interest in synaptic plasticity: how it shapes the dynamics of recurrent networks (and vice-versa!), and its role in learning to perform complex computations.


Contact: gjeh2@cam.ac.uk | +44 (0)1223 748 515 | Public key